A Robot   -Kira white writes 4

A Robot -Kira white writes

I used to know to love, it was like a fire burning inside me with passion. I love the feeling and I really love you, because you made me feel that passion was worth fighting for. You told me nobody would ever hurt me, I didn’t know you would hurt me yourself: Who would have […]

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Special human are girls?

Queen Agy Writes,   A special set of humans are girls  A special power in their hear dwells If given a platform,  Each one will shine Revealing to us why they are so divine.  And more colorful than the rainbow curve  Girls are God’s idea of Representing love Ravishing Shy  True yet without fear growing […]

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Kira White Writes,      Most nights I lose myself to the darkness of my heart… I strive hard to find myself… What I really want. Most nights I feel like I am loosing everything… Most nights all I think of is to fight back..Life is not a bed of roses.. Not everyone who smiles […]

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