‘Sleep with someone who knows how to do CPR’- Doctor advises, shares shocking story.

A Doctor took to Twitter to narrate how his wife saved him from cardiac arrest while sleeping on Monday night.

According to @DGlaucomflecken, his wife noticed he was breathing funny while sleeping, checked his pulse, noticed he didn’t have one and started compressions.  The doctor who jokingly told Twitter users not to sleep with people who don’t know how to perform CPR, said he will be getting a permanent defibrillator in a couple of weeks.  He tweeted;  Boy did I have a wild last few days.

Monday night I had a cardiac arrest while sleeping. My wife noticed I was breathing funny, checked my pulse, didn’t have one and started compressions. EMT arrived and shocked me.I spent the next 3 days with some kind of weird brain fog. I was in an ICU, but in my mind there was a big screen tv and nice plush leather recliners. I remember wondering why they were making me wear an open back gown and not letting me watch the big tv. It didn’t seem fairThings are much clearer today. I get to go home with a vest. It’s a cool vest that shocks you if your heart misbehaves.

I get a permanent defibrillator in a couple weeks. In the meantime I’m gonna be Mr. fancy pants walking around with his electric vestI guess the lesson is find somebody to sleep with who knows how to do CPR. Seriously don’t waste your time with non-CPR people, it’s a matter of life or death.Ok so this portable defibrillator is not so much a vest as it is a bra. I will not be providing any photos please respect my privacy during this bra-wearing time.

Sleep with who knows how to do CPR - Doctor says as he narrates how his wife saved him from cardiac arrest lindaikejisblog 1

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