Marrying An Old Man,They Are Manipulative, I regret it,Regina Daniels Fell For Money – Actress Timmy

Timmy k.MacNicol a UK-based Nollywood actress, has said she regrets marriage an old man.

According to her, “My story is a bitter one. My marriage became abusive for years. I also went into depression and faustration and was rushed to the hospital. Now, I don’t think I want to give marriage a second taught, because my marriage experience is a very bad one.

I have been abused but I kept enduring. I want to move on with my career but you never can tell; I might fall in love. And if I would eventually get married again, it would be to a man within my age bracket, not an old man like i married before.

I will not marry an old man because of money. I was an orphan and I fell for an old man because of his wealth and affluence. Talking about Regina Daniels, I was same age when I got married to the old man (my ex).

I don’t think her mother, #RitaDaniels, influenced her decision. The person that should be blamed is the manipulative husband because this is exactly what happened to me.

Old men are always using money and affluence to manipulate young girls and they fall for it. I was a victim too.

Regina fell for the money, I was an orphan and I fell for an old man because of his wealth and affluence. I am still stuck in this, because its hard to back out.”


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