Nominate APROKOREPUBLIC as the best Online news blog of the year. (See details) 1

Nominate APROKOREPUBLIC as the best Online news blog of the year. (See details)

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  • Introducing @ Anambra Media Excellence Award 2019.

Step I: Visit the Anambra Media Awards Website to nominate.

Step II: Fill in the given slots of “Your Name,” “Last Name,” “Your Email,” “Phone.” All of these basic info are required to be correct as they are vital for your nomination to reflect.

Step III: In the slot titled “Your Nomination Here” input APROKOREPUBLIC MEDIA PROMOTION

Step IV: In the Slot titled “His Phone Number” input +2348161779768

Step V: Scroll up and click on the category ANAMBRA BEST ONLINE NEWS BLOG 2019

Step VI: Scroll to the end of the page, type in a reason for nomination and click Nominate Now.

NB: Please, do not nominate twice, unless with a different email and phone number.

Aprokorepublic wishes to reiterate that we couldn’t have made it this far without our numerous viewers which comprises everyone of you who clicks, reads, likes, comments and views our content.

We aim to make aprokorepublic the best and most user friendly online news and entertainment blog site in the West Coast of Africa, and this can only be achieved with you, our indispensable viewers, as we assure you of providing the best service that meets global best standards.

Do well to throw in your never ending support for aprokorepublic in this quest, as every single nomination matters to us. We appreciate you all enormously for the support so far and for the support still to come.

Thank you.