Online users react as Daughter to US President, Ivanka Trump flashes nipples at UNGA. (Photos)

  • Ivanka Trump grabbed  world-wide attention with her chic-look to the 74th United Nations General Assembly in New York on September 23. 

The mother of three and US’ first daughter paired her blue silky button-down blouse and an arty floral midi skirt from Prada, with a pair of pointy-toed pumps that had a shiny black upper and slim stiletto heel.

Ivanka however suffered a possible wardrobe malfunction as she gave the world more than a glimpse of the outline of her nipples through her shirt.

Ivanka Trump flashes her nipples at UNGA, grabs world-wide attention lindaikejisblog 1

The outfit she wore to the high-prrofile event erupted into a frenzy of comments on Twitter. Here are some tweets below; 

Ivanka Trump flashes her nipples at UNGA, grabs world-wide attention lindaikejisblog 2

 Ivanka Trump heads out in NYC

You’d think you could afford a shirt (and bra) that fits… showing nips has a time & place and this isn’t it ( well spent but I’m Pro-Bb, anti bb job, btw. Lead a horticulture…— Philip T. Dougan (@PTDougan) September 24, 2019

Ivanka Trump vs Barney Frank. Who wore it best?— Joe Negan (@mynameisNegan) September 24, 2019

I guess I’m in the camp that doesn’t care about Ivanka Trump’s hard nipples and enormous breasts.I’m in the camp wondering what Ivanka Trump, nipples and all, was doing at the cold UN meeting in the first place.— Sane Conservative RG (@ConservativeRG) September 23, 2019

#Ivanka #IvankaTrump is braless— Tarafn Seç (@bosluk3434) September 24, 2019

What the hell is she doing at the UN? #IvankaTrump— Mike Sington (@MikeSington) September 24, 2019

Ivanka Trump showed up at the UN wearing a blue blouse that revealed her nipples.That seems about right. Both her brothers, Eric and Donald, are boobs.— Alex Kaseberg (@AlexKaseberg) September 24, 2019

When not siphoning money from corrupt foreign givernments to Trump companies Ivanka can be seen flashing her titties at the UN.— James Farro (@JF991) September 24, 2019

High beams should only come on at night. #IvankaTrump— LabLover (@LabLoverDE) September 24, 2019

Must be really cold at U.N. #UN #IvankaTrump— eljan Jean Koler (@ZJKoler) September 24, 2019

Are you ever wearing a bra?? You and your stepmommy need to cover up and be more decent when representing America!!— Trump D Lying weather man (@tomorrowsnews11) September 24, 2019