#BBNaija2019: Twitter thrown into frenzy after Tacha committed this terrible blunder. (See here)

  • The Big Brother Naija ‘Pepper Dem’ housemates were tasked by Biggie to celebrate themselves in the house by painting the walls with unique and memorable designs of their choice. 

They all did, but Tacha’s design got the attention of the fans as she made blunders with the spellings of her favourite phrase, ‘Port Hacourt’s 1st Daughter’. See her painting and social media reactions below…

She gave you “H” today in daughter and took away the “U” in Port HarcourtShe did a Veto save and replace with alphabets…No vex #BBNaija— Stubborn Igbo geh (@stunner_xoxo) September 24, 2019

Tacha couldn’t spell “Port Harcourt” and “Daughter”. After being corrected she had space to put “H” in between Daughter but no space to put “U” in between her “Port Harcort”On behalf of we the youths in PORT HARCOURT, we hereby pass this girl on to the Youths in Lagos. #BBNaija— IG – Demo_uk (@DemonLomoLatile) September 24, 2019

#BBNaija why am I seeing Tacha dis Tacha dat, One thin you all don’t know about Art work’ is Creatives, look at how d Daughter ws spelt the HWas matched with the G, n d port Harcourt was like wen u wrote Naija instead of NigeriaAnyway *Na Dem*— OlaOlu *BalogunTacha (@Stlacon) September 24, 2019

Disgrace to your teacherDisgrace to Port HarcourtDisgrace to DaughterDisgrace to na dem they vote for u#BBNaija— Mr Nobody (@fxdon) September 24, 2019

it’s funny how some of you who had to pay ur way to passing WAEC are tongue lashing Tacha because she couldn’t spell ‘Port Harcourt’ & ‘Daughter’ correctly, Just wait there, She will soon employ u and ur Bsc with a salary package of 50k per month Mr & Miss Encyclopedia #BBNaija19— CertifiedYorubaBoy (@lekkkysmile) September 24, 2019

Olodo Tacha, what a Shame!!! Parading herself as PH 1st daughter yet she can’t even spell d ” Port Harcourt & Daughter” correctly just imagine her spelling? Even while Elo was trying to correct her, her nonsense pride & arrogance could not allow her to take correction. #BBNaija19— Slym Bernard (@AdobeRide) September 24, 2019

#bbnaija I repeat ART is an EXPRESSION u can personalize it any way u want Tacha wrote PORT HAR.C.RT instead of Port Harcourt cos that’s a dot not o, see wailing on top someone’s ART ooo. VOTE Tacha . Lionel messi won the best yesterday n didn’t speak English cos its not his lang— simply (@simply_lite) September 24, 2019

Port “Harcourt” first daughter that cannot spell Port Harcourt well. Mtchew #BBNaija— Larh_olu (@larh_olu) September 24, 2019

So the same people that their fav said London is a country in Europe and said Men have Cervical Cancer are the same people bashing Tacha for the spelling of “Port Harcourt”#BBNaija— Surprise (@oluwanjomiloju) September 24, 2019

She can’t spell port-harcourt too? As my Yoruba ppl will say Egbami!! A fan still but don’t know how much more I can take today. #BBNaija #BBNaiija— Monique Browne (@MoniiqueBrowne) September 24, 2019

On behalf of we the youths in PORT HARCOURT, we hereby pass TACHA on to the Youths in Lagos.We can’t claim a girl that cannot spell. #BBNaija— IG – Demo_uk (@DemonLomoLatile) September 24, 2019

If tacha says port Harcourt is port Harcort check your dictionary bitchess#BBNaija19— Veewire (@Veewire1) September 24, 2019

Truly Port Harcourt is not easy to spell but should have gone for Lagos at least that one easy small.— Efficiency ti Unilorin (@Efficiency48) September 24, 2019

Please on behalf of my fellow pH brothers and sisters, we want to state this clear, that Tacha is not Port Harcourt 1st daughter. She can’t be our 1st Daughter with that kind of spelling of Port Harcourt and Daughter. Please be Informed #BBNajia #BBNajia— Emma Orlunda CON (@iamOrlunda) September 24, 2019

Olodo tachaOlodo fansHave a look at her spellings ELO corrected her on DAUGHTERAnd couldn’t realize the mistake on. PORT HARCOURTI CAN’T STOP LAUGHING.OLODO TACHA— Kraxiemusti (@Djmustiskibo) September 24, 2019

Tacha is right, the Port Harcourt we have now is not complete since Nyesome Wike became Governor #BBNaija— wejek (@wejek) September 25, 2019


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