Nigeria Judiciary: Lessons From Kenya.

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  • Judges understand their duty to dispense justice and to interpret the letters of the laws as it applied to specific issues.

The Supreme Court judges in Kenya comes from the same society as the people. As proud members of the bench they did everything to stand firm on the provisions of the law. I would tend to go by their judgment and will expect our own judges in the Presidential Election Tribunal to deliver judgments without fear or favour.

For some time now, the judiciary has come under intense criticisms and attacks, having also been accused of corruption and perversion of justice. Will the judges redeem the image of the judiciary? Will they deliver judgment based on facts or will they further capitulate and thus sink further the hope of the masses?As the fate of citizens’ wane and thin in the executive arm of government and the legislature, the judiciary despite all odds remains a source of confidence and fearlessness. And like they say the last hope of the masses. Can our Tribunals rise up to the occasion and like the Kenyan Supreme Court allow the law to speak and dispense justice without fear of favour?