Medical doctors, Lab scientists clash at University of Calabar Teaching Hospital. (See why)

  • Medical lab scientists and medical doctors at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital got into a violent clash today as lab scientists accused the doctors of interference. 
The lab scientists carried out a protest earlier today on campus to ask doctors to stop intimidating them with police and the military. They carried placards and sang protest songs as they marched.
“Doctors leave the Laboratory alone. Stop intimidating us with Police and Military. Let us analyse and you deal with the results. #MedLabScienceUnderAttack in University of Calabar Teaching Hospital,” @C2Shady tweeted alongside a video of the protest.
 But the protest quickly became heated and they resorted to violence. 
 Another video shows people dressed in lab coats running away from a building as people fought and broke things.
 According to @OkerekeChinasa, the violence was started by medical doctors who left their wards and went to assault the lab scientists on duty. He tweeted: “This is the Chemical Pathology unit of Medical Laboratory Science Department, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital. The Medical Doctors left their Ward and abandoned the patients to obstruct and Physically Assault Medical Laboratory Scientists on Duty.”

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