‘Expect the best’- Fast rising artiste and DELSU graduate, Cassia assures fans in New interview, ahead of the release of his much anticipated single ‘Shilekun’

  • Fast rising music act, Cassia has assured his teeming fans countrywide to expect nothing but the best in his soon to be released single, Shilekun.

Cassia who is a graduate of Sociology from the prestigious Delta State University, Nigeria made this assurance during an exclusive interview with Aprokorepublic ahead of the release of this much anticipated and club rocking single Shilekun.

In the interview which is shared below, he promised his fans that this new single will not be a disappointment, but they should anticipate a grind. Read the full interview below:

Aprokorepublic: So sir, what’s your real name?
Cassia: Okolie chukwuemeke jesse

Aprokorepublic: And your stage name? Cassia: Cassia.

Aprokorepublic: So Cassia, what first drew you into music, and what is your favorite genre?
Cassia: My love for music. My favorite genre is Afro pop.

Aprokorepublic: So tell us about this much anticipated soon-to-be released single of yours.
Cassia: Aww…the song is titled “shilekun” it’s a dancable club song with a ZANKU beat. And it was produced by the award winning producer “bassman”

Aprokorepublic: Wow. Shilekun. Does Shilekun have any actual meaning?
Cassia: Yeah off course “shilekun” means “open the door” in Yoruba language.

Aprokorepublic: Wow! What inspired you to drop this interesting work?
Cassia: Lol.. My love for the African women and the wonderful curve and edges….

Aprokorepublic: [Smiles] How interesting. Was Shilekun quite complicated to work on?
Cassia: Not really… I was seeing movie with a friend when I got a call from my producer and he’s was like hey guy you need to hear this beat I just finished cooking,while I was listening to it, boom the word “shilekun” dropped in my head alongside the lines from nowhere the rest is history.

Aprokorepublic: So your numerous fans should be expecting a grind when finally Shilekun drops?
Cassia: [Laughs] Definitely…

Aprokorepublic: Is Shilekun your first work this year 2019?
Cassia: Yes…

Aprokorepublic: Do you have any word or two for your fans as we anticipate this hit?
Cassia: They should expect nothing but good vibes only.

Aprokorepublic: [Smiles] Oh wow. We’ll take you up on your word then. Should we be expecting the video for Shilekun dropping anytime soon too?
Cassia: Yeah…by the special grace of God.

Aprokorepublic: Alright then. Thank you very much for your time. We will keep our fingers crossed.
Cassia: You are welcome and thank you guys for having me.

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