You owe it to your world to make it better
You owe it to your nation to make an impact
You owe it to your generation and the generations to come to leave a legacy.
Friends, it’s high time we stopped complaining about the government. It’s high time we stopped playing around, wasting our time and resources.
We need to start taking action
We need to start causing changes
Mark Zuckerberg did not develop facebook by playing around.
Nnamdi Azikiwe did not give us independence by sleeping, complaining and grumbling.
People who cause changes don’t complain, they just do… They take action… They are action oriented and proactive.
There are too many problems in the world. To many questions in the world that need answers
Are going to provide answers to these questions or just sit down complaining ?
Are you going to be an asset to your country or a liability ?
Thomas Edison is remembered for electric bulb
John D Rockefeller is remembered for the oil Industry
Fela is remembered for his musics
Williams Shakespeare is remembered for his writings
Myles Munroe is remembered for his life changing teachings
Henry Ford is remembered for the invention of cars
Mother Theresa is remembered for her love and compassion
What will you be remembered for?
God created you for a purpose. He made you unique and special to meet a need and until you start functioning in that consciousness, you ain’t living….
Every day I tell myself that I am a blessing to my generation and I know you are too.
Just do something…. Don’t live for your personal aggrandizement only. Make someone better, make someone smile, improve your world. There’s something within you that you can bless others with. It could be that nice voice , it could be your intelligence, your sense of humour, your smile or even your money.
Don’t be receiving oriented, be giving conscious. Live the life of a giver.
Nigeria can be better…. Yeah, I know that…
We can make her better…..
I believe we can… I believe in you, yes you reading this article. I know something about you, even if I don’t know you and that is you have potentials ….you have tremendous abilities. You are great…. You are big…. You are smart…. you’re intelligent… You have potent talents.
Come join me, let’s create a better future for future Nigerians.