A chat with multiple award winning writer, Inufin Ayomide A.k.a Ayomide D'great. 1

A chat with multiple award winning writer, Inufin Ayomide A.k.a Ayomide D’great.

  • Inufin Ayomide D’great or Ayomide D’great is a young Multi-Award winning Nigerian writer, poet, essayist, novelist, playwright, content writer and developer, creative writer, content developer, presenter, public speaker, motivator, enterpreneur and videographer.

His writings edify modern day happenings and real life events and trends. He has written 12 poetry collections, 1 published Poetry ChapBook, over 2,000 poems and several articles, short stories and journals. He has won a few accolades including PCG’s poet of the year, most creative writer of the year, writerolic of the year 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Also, his ChapBook titled #WalkingThroughMemoryLane won Poetry Series of the year 2018 at the MidasMinds Online Poetry Awards including his poem Ayo Has A Boyfriend that won Poem Of The Year at the same awards, and PCG Dynamite awards respectively. His love poem titled To A Priceless Princess 2 came 2nd at the Prose Poetry Hood Valentine Competition which won him both an award and cash gifts.

Furthermore, his mission is to make his writing seen, read and heard throughout the globe in order to make the society a utopia to mankind and also his vision is to be among iconic influential writers to have been regarded as those who has added values to the society.

Inufin Ayomide was able to make out time from his busy schedule and honor an interview with Aprokorepublic and was able to tell us more about himself and his experiences as a writer. Read the interview below:

Aprokorepublic: Good evening sir. My name is Ojogwu Godwin from aprokorepublic.
Ayomide D’great: Good evening sir, I’m Inufin Ayomide D’great or simply Ayomide D’great
Aprokorepublic : That’s nice. I will like you to tell us a bit about you and when did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Ayomide D’great: Like I said earlier, I’m Ayomide D’great. I’ve been used to creating a fantasy out of a pen and paper since childhood and it has always been for the fun even up to this moment, I found so much solace in writing when I was about 9 years and ever since, consistency has been developing me.
Aprokorepublic: Mr Ayomide, 9 years was such a young age. There are different forms of writing, why and how did you get started as a poet?
Ayomide D’great: Actually, I was about 9 years when I started writing and I started up with prose and drama… I got started as a poet sometime around 2010 after my graduation from High School, writing has been my thing from way back, but curiosity sake, I wanted to explore Literature, I wanted to be dynamic and creative, most importantly, I wanted to create a trademark for my artistry.
Aprokorepublic : Are you from a literally family?
Ayomide D’great: You mean literary?
Aprokorepublic : Yes
Ayomide D’great: Kind of, not directly but something close to that… My maternal grandfather was a writer (not established though) he wrote memoirs that triggered my writing prowess…

My siblings are slight writers, my elder sister is a little bit of a song writer, my elder brother is a Christian motivational writer and my little brother is a song writer- they all do it partially- and my Mom, she’s an administrative writer too.
Aprokorepublic : That means it is in the blood (a family thing)
Ayomide D’great: [Smiles…] Kind of.
Aprokorepublic : Mr Ayomide as a multi award winning Nigerian poet, and you have in your collection over 2,000 poems, how long does it take you to write a poem?
Ayomide D’great : It depends on my time… On the average, 15 minutes. But if I’m multi tasking 30 to 45 minutes. But I must have gathered my thoughts before starting.
Aprokorepublic : Ok, that is awesome. What is your work schedule like when you writing?
Ayomide D’great : Presently, I work with an Agrobusiness company as a content developer so I might have series of tasks to do that may slow down my writing… But nevertheless, I find time to write as content development.
Ayomide D’great: Not as much
Aprokorepublic : I was opportune to follow one of your series,”walking through the memory lane” it captured my attention to the extent I felt like asking you, how do your poems develop?

Ayomide D’great : One thing I learnt is the art of mastering my own artistry… I believe it is the key to success for any writer that will go far and make impact in writing (regardless any genre). I was able to master how my writing flows work, so I was able to develop it with consistency and hard work.
Aprokorepublic : Consistency they say, is the key and hardwork pays. So should I call you Mr. Consistency?
Ayomide D’great: [Smiles] Yes sir, you can.

Aprokorepublic : Ok, I will like you to tell us the concept behind your latest poem, “Nursing murder” ?
Ayomide D’great: Nursing Murder is a poem I wrote to voice the uproar in our society… Of recent, suicide has become so rampant that you probably think it’s the best of choice being chosen.

Nursing Murder was written to tell those nuturing suicide as a result of an overwhelming depression that death isn’t an option rather it should be taken out of mind of which I believe the poem addressed that.
Aprokorepublic: That is nice, hopefully the message is passed…you really did a great work. I must commend you for a good work done. Bravo Mr Ayomide.
Ayomide D’great: [Chuckles] The pleasure is all mine…
Aprokorepublic : Ok, before I take my leave. Do you make money being a poet and how do your poems get published?
Ayomide D’great: So far so good… My first published ChapBook Walking Through Memory Lane has made 304 book sales which a copy is sold at #500

Then in some Fellowships with Poet and Poetry association, I get some kind of royalties (but not as much as you think… Just a token for now)

Only one of my anthologies has been published… I look forward to publishing more…

My poems get published only on view via social media for now but I’m planning something that will be an all round means of getting them published both online and offline
Aprokorepublic : I believe someday you will get there…let’s move away fron poetry a bit. How do you relax?
Ayomide D’great : I love playing video games, Listening to music on earpiece or headphone. Watching Netflix movies (I just developed the hobby though). I love tourism, I love taking a stroll or a little bit of long distance. I like hanging out with friends. And I like chatting

Aprokorepublic : And who are your favorite living poets?
Ayomide D’great: Prof. Wole Soyinka
Aprokorepublic : [Smiles] Hanging with friends especially your babe?
Ayomide D’great : [Smiles] Babe! No o…
Aprokorepublic : Finally, Mr Ayomide ‘D’ great fondly called by your fans, can you give any advice to someone wanting to write and publish poetry?
Ayomide D’great : Well, my advice is, just be yourself, master yourself and don’t try to be like any other person… Your trademark matters especially in writing, you definitely get criticized but don’t let criticism get to your inspiration, pick the positive and constructive ones, be focused, be timely, hard working and consistent… Keep writing, keep writing, keep writing!
Aprokorepublic : Wow! That’s nice.
Aprokorepublic : Mr Ayomide, it has been a great moment speaking with you. Our regards from team aprokorepublic
Ayomide D’great : The pleasure of is all mine, I appreciate the recognition, God bless🙏🏽

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