‘This one is a doctor of pedophile’- Twitter users blast Ph.D holder who said a girl at 16 should not be considered a ‘child bride’

  • A man claiming to be a Ph.D holder has caused outrage after he defended child marriage by saying 16-year-old girls cannot be considered child brides because of “modernization”, “lifestyle” and “the type of food we eat.” 
Mustapha Mohammad tweeted: “With the advent of modernization and the lifestyle we live, not forgetting to mention the type of food we eat these days. It will be absurd to say that a girl of 16 is a child bride. The most important thing is for the groom to have what takes mentality and economically.”
His tweet was in reaction to another by a man from northern Nigeria who called on northern leaders to begin speaking against child marriages.
 Web users have called Mustapha out for his statement and accused him of not being deserving of his Ph.D.