‘Suicide?….Not the way- NEVER AN OPTION!’- Solomon Amaechi writes. (Must read)


Life is a journey, an onward movement,

Though filled with ups and downs, goods and bads,

Sweet moments and sour moments, beautiful and painful,
And the roads with some hazards.

Anger, sorrows, heart-breaks, hurts, back-stabbing,
Disappointments might be experienced,
Love might be paid back with hatred on this journey,
Expectations and hope might have been smashed.

Lo! This journey is not easy; to pass through some of these experiences is not easy,
But does it worth the sacrifice of what is still a mystery to man?
The most cherished part of humanity……life?
Truth is… It is worth crying for but it is not worth dying for.

Remember; when there is life, there is hope.
Forget not! There is light at the end of the tunnel,
Listen! After the night, there is joy in the morning
Beloved, the pains of the past/present, cannot be compared with the glories of the future.

Cry no more, regret no more, do not waste that’ being’ in you,
The life we live is a second chance, why not you give him/her a second chance,
Once there is life, you can still achieve amazingly and reach the zenith of your ambition,
Give life a second chance and the owner of the life will clean your past,
And give you an expected future.
This present circumstances is just for a moment, it is a phase of life,
A new, better and happiest phase will soon evolve.
And all your sorrows and pains will dissolve.

Your present circumstances can never break you,
They can only make you stronger.
Dwell not in your past and lose focus of your tomorrow’s success
Your past may have been battered, but your tomorrow will surely be better.
Suicide; Really not the way and never an option.

Beloved, arise and challenge that depression,
Challenge what is challenging you and face what is facing you,
They cannot be bigger than you or bigger than your Creator,
Reject suicide; Accept life because
Suicide leads you to no opportunity but Life gives you many opportunities.
Suicide; definitely not the way and never an option.

Please my beloved friends, no matter what you are passing through, just know it’s a phase of life, it is never permanent, Give life a chance, take it easy on yourself, you may have made mistakes, terrible mistakes but trust me, with life, you can rewrite that story, the glories of the future will definitely surpass the sorrows of the past. Allow the Creator of your life to take it in His own time, don’t help Him in His work and don’t force life out of yourself.
I need you, your family needs you, your profession needs you, the society needs you, the unborn are anticipating to see you, your children needs you, your spouse/partner needs you, your future wife and husband are praying to meet you, your unborn children are crying on the other side begging you to give them chance to see this world.
Your skills are needed in this world, your unique light is needed in the world, your skills might be needed to make the world a better place. Truly life has been fair to you for you to be alive till now, please extend same gesture to life so you can enjoy the goodies and best of things that life has for you.
If your heart is filled and your head full and needed someone to talk to, please find someone to confide in, you can’t handle it alone, one is good and two is better, even when your brain thinks fast like 3G, remember that 4G is better….#smiles. You can contact your trusted friends, your pastor, your priest, your alfha, you can confide in them and if they are not….. Reach out to others willing to listen to you.
Remember, Suicide is not the way and never an option.

Solomon Amaechi Akannam.

A Library consultant and Information Scientist. A Digital Humanities Researcher of Dominican University Ibadan.