Man baths wife with acid, after defiling their young daughter.

  • The unfortunate trend of partners killing their spouses is on the increase.

One trend that however seems to have abated overtime is that of disgruntled partners bathing those they once cherished or promised to love till death do them apart with acid.

But that was the lot of Anulika, a mother of two, who was recently assaulted with the destructive liquid by her husband. Yetunde Oladeinde reports.

She is the exact image you don’t want to behold. Her face – or what it has become, courtesy of her vicious husband – is the type you wouldn’t even wish for your worst enemy. If only she knew a union with him would end this way….

But when Anulika Fidelia Onyeachonam met her husband, Peter Onyeachonam Chinwuba, it was like a dream come true. The young man fitted into her definition of ‘dream man’ and happily they tied the knot after a brief courtship. They both looked forward to a blissful life together, forever after.

Sweet romance? Yes, it was. And gradually the union produced their first child, a boy and later the second, a girl. “We lived happily together, even though he was a civil servant. I was happy and thank God that everything was working as planned,’ Anulika recalls.

Unfortunately, the dream for a happy married life together was short-lived. “Something I never imagined happened and that made me to change my mind about the marriage. I couldn’t believe it would ever happen to me. My husband defiled our only daughter and I made up my mind that it was over.”