Young graduate commits suicide after girlfriend dumped him for another guy. (Photos)

  • It was an indeed sad morning for friends and family of Chucks Brown Paul, a graduate of Estate management, from the presitigious Ken Saro Wiwa polytechnic, Bori, who took his own life. 

The young Chucks (pictured below) was, according to multiple sources, an energetic, loving and virile young man, and was appraised and acknowledged by many for his open mindedness and jovial attitude.

It thus came as a shocker to many, when he was reported to have taken his own life, after his long time girlfriend broke up with him. Multiple sources claimed he was very much in love with the girl, and that they had been dating for a while; so it was a big surprise when she dumped him for another guy.

The young Chucks couldn`t take the heart break, and was said to have drank something poisonous, ending his life before help could be sought.

Late Chucks and Ex-girlfriend.



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